Bitcoin is requested as a ransom for thousands of psychotherapy patients who had leaked data

Company responsible for managing information from 25 treatment centers was invaded by a hacker attack. A data leak from a Finnish company ended with criminals calling for rescue in 1k Daily Profit in order not to release treatment reports of thousands of patients, according to The Guardian. Thus, patients at 25 psychology centers in Finland … Weiterlesen

MicroStrategy could make 3 times the annual profit with Bitcoin Dump

After the recent price rise, the IT service provider has $ 525 million in its Bitcoin war chest. Dump in sight? On October 27, 2020, Kevin Rooke published data via Twitter, which shows that MicroStrategy is already deep in the black thanks to its Bitcoin investment. Or stand, because the profits from the IT company’s … Weiterlesen

They get their hands on 10% of all bitcoin… but for how long?

The trend is starting to reverse – Centralized exchanges have seen huge amounts of cryptocurrency accumulate in recent years. This movement seems to be reversing in recent months, and the war chest of crypto-exchanges is starting to melt visibly. Almost 2 million BTC concentrated on 5 platforms Centralized platforms continue for the moment to concentrate … Weiterlesen

FileCoin entra no ar na Mainnet ultrapassando o limite de mercado do BTC

A rede de armazenamento descentralizada orientada pela comunidade altamente antecipada, FileCoin (FIL), foi ao ar na mainnet em 15 de outubro às 14h45 UTC. O projeto está em desenvolvimento desde 2017 e pode revolucionar a forma como os usuários compram e vendem armazenamento não utilizado. Essencialmente, o Filecoin busca trazer os dados para mais perto … Weiterlesen

Bitcoin FOMO drückt den Preis?

Bitcoin FOMO drückt den Preis? Die Angst, den Preis, der als Bitcoin FOMO bezeichnet wird, zu verpassen, ist eines der Hauptprobleme, mit denen Bitcoin-Händler fast jedes Jahr konfrontiert sind. Da das letzte Quartal schnell näher rückt, steigen auch die Kaufchancen des FOMO mit jedem Tag, der verstreicht. Es ist zufällig ein sich wiederholendes Muster, dass … Weiterlesen

Crypto-markten storten $ 10 miljard in terwijl Trump de Pandemic Relief Talks beëindigt

Wereldwijde aandelenmarkten en cryptocurrency-markten hebben een scherpe daling doorgemaakt sinds de Amerikaanse president Donald Trump de besprekingen over maatregelen ter verlichting van het Coronavirus beëindigde. Na een opmerkelijk snel herstel van het virus, dat meer dan 210.000 Amerikaanse levens heeft gekost, beëindigde president Donald Trump abrupt de gesprekken met spreker Nancy Pelosi en democratische leiders … Weiterlesen

Chinese notaries use blockchain

Thousands of cases have already been handled this way. Since its launch in January, 40 companies have used Shanghai’s blockchain-powered notary platform and processed over 3,000 cases According to Jiemian , the „Hui Cun“ platform (which is administered by the Shanghai Notary’s Office Xuhui) is a blockchain-based electronic data storage protocol that offers notarial certification. … Weiterlesen