3 Altcoins Analysts Bet On for Significant Gains: SUI, Pepe, and Chainlink

• Popular crypto analyst Altcoin Sherpa suggests that Sui (SUI), Pepe, and Chainlink are likely to experience significant price increases.
• Sherpa advises buying SUI at $1 but cautions that its value may drop by more than 20% if Bitcoin’s price experiences a decline.
• He also recommends a swing-long trading strategy for Pepe (PEPE) with Bitcoin’s performance playing a crucial role in the token’s trajectory and suggests that buying opportunities will arise once Chainlink (LINK) breaks out of its lower range.

Altcoins Analysts Map Top 3 Best Bet Altcoins For Significant Gains

Sui (SUI)

Popular crypto analyst Altcoin Sherpa has shared positive sentiments about Sui (SUI) and believes the lesser-known native token is poised for a significant price increase. However, due to the volatile nature of the altcoin market and the influence of Bitcoin (BTC), it’s important to consider whether this token presents medium- to long-term buy opportunities.Sherpa suggests buying SUI at around $1, although he doesn’t provide a specific timeframe for this surge. He also cautions that SUI’s value may drop by more than 20% if Bitcoin’s price experiences a decline. In such an event, SUI could reach a lower level around $0.80 – $0.82 according to his analysis. As of the time of writing, SUI is currently trading at $1.13 following the launch of the Sui blockchain mainnet earlier this month.

Pepe (PEPE)

Sherpa notes that Pepe (PEPE), a controversial meme coin, is currently experiencing high trading volumes within the range of $0.0000015 to $0.0000020 making it potentially suitable for a swing-long trading strategy; however, he emphasizes that Bitcoin’s performance will play an integral role in determining Pepe’s trajectory with prices possibly dropping should BTC face declines as well At present, Pepe is trading at $0.00000164 .

Chainlink (LINK)

Regarding Chainlink (LINK), an oracle network which serves as the 22nd largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization; Sherpa suggests that purchasing opportunities will arise once it breaks out from its lower range and increases in value beyond current levels .


Altcoin Sherpa has shared positive sentiments about three lesser known tokens – Sui(SUI), Pepe(PEPE) and Chainlink(LINK). Although their prices are subject to volatility with influence coming from Bitcoin’s own performance , they still present viable medium -to long term buy opportunities when purchased under certain conditions specified by Sherpa himself i n his recent YouTube video .