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• The article discusses negative effects of technology on society, such as digital distraction and the presence of fake news.
• It also suggests how people can use technology responsibly and positively to improve their lives.
• Finally, it encourages readers to be mindful when using technology and to strive for balance in their lives.

Negative Effects of Technology

The presence of digital devices in our day-to-day life has changed the way we interact with each other, leading to a range of negative effects on society. Digital distraction caused by these devices is one such effect, leading to decreased engagement with family, friends, and the physical world around us. Fake news is another issue that has arisen due to advances in technology; its spread can lead to inaccurate information being widely accepted as true.

Responsible Use of Technology

Despite these potential drawbacks, there are ways in which we can use technology responsibly and positively. Learning how to turn off notifications from social media platforms is one way of avoiding digital distraction; this helps us focus on personal relationships and tasks without interruption from our devices. Additionally, using a variety of reliable sources for news consumption can help us identify fake news so that we don’t fall victim to its spread or misrepresentation.

Mindful Use of Technology

It is important that we remain mindful when using technology in order to reap its benefits while avoiding its dangers. Taking regular breaks from our devices can help us stay focused while also allowing us time away from them where we can engage with the world around us through activities such as exercise or conversation with others. Setting specific times when we put away our phones allows us time away where we won’t be tempted by notifications or emails which might disrupt our productivity or peace of mind.

Finding Balance

Striving for balance between spending time online and engaging with the physical world around us is key when using technology responsibly and productively. It’s important not only for ourselves but for those close to us too – setting an example helps others understand how best they should use technology while protecting themselves from any potential dangers associated with it.


In conclusion, although there are some drawbacks associated with increased usage of digital devices in modern society, if used properly they have the potential provide positive benefits both individually and socially – it all comes down to responsible usage combined with mindfulness about our online habits – finding a healthy balance between time spent offline versus online will ensure that all users get the most out of their technological experience without any unnecessary risks or drawbacks attached