Bitcoin is requested as a ransom for thousands of psychotherapy patients who had leaked data

Company responsible for managing information from 25 treatment centers was invaded by a hacker attack.

A data leak from a Finnish company ended with criminals calling for rescue in 1k Daily Profit in order not to release treatment reports of thousands of patients, according to The Guardian.

Thus, patients at 25 psychology centers in Finland were affected with information that was accessed through an invasion of Vastaamo, the company that controls the data management of the psychology centers attacked by the hacking.

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In addition to ransom demands at Bitcoin for the patients, the criminals requested money from the company that was invaded. However, no payment in cryptomoedas has yet been made.
Bitcoin Rescue for Patients

Rescue requests at Bitcoin are being requested from patients who had leaked data. Criminals contact the victims and ask for an amount in cryptomoedas so that personal information is not disclosed.

Thus, on average, patients receive requests for EUR 200 as ransom at Bitcoin, or even about R$ 1,347, considering the current quotation for the Brazilian Real on Wednesday (28).

According to an investigation of the case, the amount must be paid in Bitcoin, or else information about the patient’s treatment may be disclosed by criminals. According to the interview of the Minister of the Interior of Finland, Maria Ohisalo, the data violation at the Vastaamo company reaches all the population of the country.

The minister also encouraged the population to continue the psychotherapy treatment, although the data leak has reached 25 psychology centers in Finland.

„The data breach at Vastaamo is a shocking act that deeply affects us all. Help for mental health problems is available and can be accessed without fear“.

Criminals asked for R$ 2.9 million

Bitcoin-shaped withdrawals are not uncommon on the internet, and are usually related to leakage of sensitive data and information. In the case of the Vastaamo leak, thousands of patients were hit with information accessed by third parties.

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Thus, besides the ransom demands made to the patients with leaked data, the company itself affected by the attack was threatened by the criminals. While patients should pay R$ 1,347 in Bitcoin, in the case of Vastaamo the charge is equivalent to R$ 2.9 million.

This was the price set by the criminals for not disclosing the information of psychotherapy patients in Finland. On the other hand, the information leaked could be from two years ago, according to Tuomas Kahri, president of Vastaamo.

„According to current information, it is certain that no data has leaked since November 2018.