FTM, GRT & FET Prices: Here’s What to Expect Next

• The article discusses the potential future prices of FTM, GRT and FET cryptocurrencies.
• According to popular cryptocurrency expert Michael van de Poppe, Fantom might go as low as $0.33 before rising 50%.
• Meanwhile, The Graph could increase in value up to $0.21 if it surpasses $0.17 and Fetch is likely to correct down to a low of $0.20 but also may reach $0.90 if it remains strong.

What’s Next For FTM, GRT & FET Price?

The cryptocurrency market is on the edge with several issues looming large such as fears of SEC’s next move. In this environment, a popular crypto expert has updated his predictions for three popular coins – Fantom (FTM), The Graph (GRT) and Fetch (FET).

Fantom (FTM)

Michael van de Poppe believes that the previous low back at $0.51 is turning into a resistance level and around $0.48 there will be a massive bounce leading to 50% growth in its price value. If not achieved, then Fantom can see its price drop to as low as $0.33 or even lower than that before rising again.

The Graph (GRT)

If the blockchain indexing protocol The Graph crosses the mark of $ 0 .17 , according to Van de Poppe’s prediction , it can reach up to$ 0 .21 . His first target being set at$ 0 .095 and second target being set at$ 0 .13 ,it gives you 25 %to 35 % trade opportunity .

Fetch (FET)

Van de Poppe suggested that Fetches gains have probably reached their peakand it may enter correction phase with lows reaching around$ 0 .20 . However, if Fetches keeps its strength intact then we may witness another bull run taking it up till$ 0 .90 which was seen during its all-time highin Feb 8th 2023 when it was trading at$ 0 .59 which was 527 %up from 2022 closing price$ 0 .094


It remains difficult predict exact cryptocurrency trends due to frequent market fluctuations along with other factors influencing them like legal regulations etc., Therefore one should always do their own research before investing in any asset class including cryptocurrencies