Golem and OpenAI Partner to Harness Supercomputing Power

• OpenAI is in advanced negotiations with Golem to harness supercomputing power.
• Microsoft’s Azure data centre is struggling to meet the demand of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.
• The collaboration between OpenAI and Golem could create one of the largest decentralized supercomputer systems to date.

OpenAI & Golem Negotiations

OpenAI Limited Partnership has entered into advanced negotiations with blockchain-based computing platform, Golem, to harness its supercomputing power. This partnership will allow OpenAI to expand their current load on Microsoft’s Azure data centre during peak hours and provide more efficient services for their popular ChatGPT program.

Microsoft’s Azure Data Centre

OpenAI has experienced an exponential growth in popularity for their ChatGPT program that has left them facing extreme difficulties when it comes to expanding their servers at a rapid rate. Their current reliance on Microsoft’s Azure data centre makes it difficult and time consuming for them to reach their ambitious goals.

Golem Blockchain Network

To solve this problem, OpenAI started looking into opportunities beyond conventional Datacenters and found that the tokenomics based blockchain network of Golem had the potential to help them balance the load through its available computing power. It is believed that this technology used in CGI rendering and scientific calculations can easily be adapted for AI computation purposes as both can be parallelized into thousands of interconnected servers all over the world.

GLM Tokens & IaaS

In order to reserve their right to access this decentralized supercomputer infrastructure from Golem, OpenAI will become one of the biggest buyers of GLM tokens from now on. This potential partnership between Golem and OpenAI is one of the most significant Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) collaborations seen so far by the cryptocurrency community, which further bolsters its reputation as a reliable source for powerful computing capabilities across various sectors and industries.

Testing Phase Successful

Given that testing phase proves successful, this new venture will benefit both parties significantly as well as providing much needed resources for customers who rely heavily on AI technology such as chatbots or virtual assistants powered by machine learning algorithms.