Top ZK Altcoins to Bet on This Alt-Season: Get Ready for the Profit!


• Zero-Knowledge (ZK) coins are gaining attention in the crypto world.
• Over $8 million has been bridged to ZK-based blockchain networks in the past week alone.
• Crypto users can use tools like Defi Llama and Coin Perspective for moon math and tracking trends.

Top ZK Altcoins

Polygon (MATIC), Immutable X (IMX), and Mina are top picks for ZK coins by market cap according to Ben Armstrong from Bitboy Crypto. Optimism is another ZK rollup project that he rates highly, but notes its concept may be more difficult to explain than other projects.

Bridging Millions to ZK Networks

Crypto users are bridging millions to ZK-based blockchain networks in order to possibly receive free tokens in an airdrop. To claim these potential tokens, strategies such as bridging two ZK networks and providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges are being tried out by DeFi users. Data shows that total value locked in the decentralized exchange Zigzag has increased from $1.5 million to $13 million over the course of one week.

Tools for Crypto Users

Defi Llama and Coin Perspective are great tools for crypto users looking for moon math or tracking what’s on the rise or declining in DeFi space respectively . Additionally, Armstrong recommends off-ramping crypto through Coinbase into PayPal, which can then be transferred directly into one’s bank account; this approach is safer than transferring directly from Coinbase to your bank account and has lower fees than other off-ramp methods.


Zero-Knowledge coins have been gaining more attention lately due to their increasing usage potential, prompting more investors and crypto users alike to explore them further. With more money being bridged into these networks, many people are optimistic of the potential benefits they could bring with them while also utilizing various tools like Defi Llama and Coin Perspective available today for better understanding of these marketspace dynamics.