XRP Bulls Ready to Trigger 50% Upswing: Retest May Be the Key!

XRP Bulls Gearing Up

• XRP price resumed with a fine upswing, clearing the major resistance at $0.47.
• Speculation around Ripple vs SEC case is pushing the XRP price higher.
• Bulls need to clear a crucial trend line to ignite a notable rise beyond 0.00002 BTC.

Analysis Of XRP Price Movement

The recent surge in the XRP price has pushed it close to one of the major resistance which may pave the way for a healthy breakout toward the initial threshold at $0.5. The potential breakout could be triggered by the bulls if they are able to clear a crucial trend line that currently lies above them and if successful, this would mark an epic +40-50% bullish rally for XRP’s price movement. Moreover, if the XRP price breaks above $0.5 to $1.33 levels, then it may soar high to hit $22 as suggested by Dark Defender, another prominent analyst within the cryptocurrency space.

Ripple Vs SEC Case

The speculation around Ripple vs SEC case has been growing with every new day and this is likely pushing up the value of XRP significantly as investors remain optimistic about Ripple’s potential in terms of its future performance and market adoption possibilities.

Bulls Need To Clear Crucial Trend Line

In order for further growth in XRP’s value, bulls need to clear a critical trend line that lies above them before any significant gains can be seen in its price movement and this could potentially trigger an epic +40-50% jump in its value if successful.


Overall, there is still some uncertainty surrounding Ripple’s legal battle with SEC but despite this, investors are confident about its future prospects and remain optimistic on what could be achieved going forward should things work out in favor of Ripple post-court proceedings. In addition, bulls need to overcome certain technical hurdles before allowing further upward movements for XRP’s value and should they manage to do so successfully then we could see some impressive gains coming from this cryptocurrency very soon