XRP Community Frustrated As SEC Lawsuit Drags On

• XRP community is increasingly frustrated with the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs.
• Respected attorney and XRP advocate Bill Morgan expresses his frustration over the delay, empathizing with XRP holders.
• John Deaton reports an increasing number of potential amicus from Coinbase customers.

Growing Frustration in the XRP Community

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuit against Ripple Labs has been dragging on for a while now, leading to increased impatience in the XRP community. A member of this community, known on Twitter as @/XRPcryptowolf, voiced his frustration at why Judge Torres was prolonging a decision in Ripple’s favor.

Legal Experts Weigh In

Respected attorney and XRP advocate Bill Morgan expressed his frustrations over the long wait for a verdict, empathizing with those who have had to endure waits of over a year for a judgment. At the same time, legal figures associated with XRP have begun voicing their concerns and calling out for more accountability from the SEC. John Deaton, another well-known attorney and ardent supporter of XRP, suggested that there are now 2,500 potential amici from Coinbase customers who could join forces against the SEC.

Joint Efforts Against The SEC

Bill Morgan shared his support for Deaton’s call to action by quoting his tweet – encouraging those who don’t want Coinbase to represent them to join forces against the SEC through amicus briefs. This effort can potentially have significant implications on how quickly or slowly this case proceeds further and ultimately concludes with its final verdict – something that many in the cryptocurrency space await eagerly as it may affect their investments significantly.

Understanding Amicus Briefs

An amicus curiae brief is essentially an opinion submitted by someone or an organization which isn’t directly involved in a trial but may be affected by its outcome. In such cases, they can submit their opinions so that it can be taken into account when considering arguments from both parties during court proceedings. If these briefs are accepted by courts then they become part of legal records which are taken into consideration while making judgements about lawsuits or disputes between two parties.


As we move forward towards a conclusion of this case – it remains uncertain whether or not these efforts will result in any change in outcome or speed up proceedings significantly; however one thing remains certain – The whole crypto community awaits anxiously for what could possibly be one of most important decisions ever made within cryptocurrency space – especially pertaining to regulation and enforcement policies around cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum as well as tokens like Ripple’s native token -XRP .